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Hi, I'm Kristin

From the time I could walk, I was an explorer. As I got older, I moved on from exploring my neighborhood, to the U.S. and eventually onto the entire world.  

It was all of this travel that cultivated my interest in consciousness and sustainability. Travel continues to teach me to slow down, to see things from a different perspective and inspires me to want to protect it.  

I have a never-ending love of the natural world and love chasing adventures. I am always on the hunt for the most beautiful beaches, the lushes rainforests and the best vegan and vegetarian food I can find. 

Through this blog and my work, I have become passionate about telling stories, photography and cultivating even more consciousness in life. It through these mediums that I hope to inspire others to get off-the-beaten path, think about ways to lighten our footprint as we explore and find greater joy and presence when we are on the road or at home. 

I hope you will enjoy what you find here  as I continue to learn about the idea of sustainable travel and cultivating greater mindfulness. Full disclosure here, I haven't mastered perfectly conscious or sustainable travel, this will be a journey for myself and for all of you out there interested in living a beautiful, but more conscious lifestyle. If you wish to join me on this adventure, you can subscribe to my newsletter here and follow me on Instagram @consciouswanderings. Wander consciously fellow explorers! 

XX, Kristin Anthony

Make Everyday an Adventure


You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!

To stay productive and away from junk food, I can drink up to 6 cups of herbal tea a day.

cups of tea



I tried moving away from the ocean, but after 2 years, I came running back to the sand. 


I believe in finding beauty in the world around me and adventure in everything I do in life. 



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