Making Conscious Cool Again

Really?!! Was it ever cool, Kristin?

Do you remember that zero waste video that went viral on social media? What about the one about the all of the plastic floating in the sea? Yea, neither do I. Sustainable living is having a bit of a moment, but I am still not sure the whole concept is cool. Currently, it is still associated with giving things up, just like being vegan. Really only the vegans think it is cool to be vegan – everyone else thinks it must suck.

I dug through a couple of articles on sustainable, conscious living, as well as scrolled through my Facebook feed (not the newsfeed, my personal page) and all I could think was “damn, could we be anymore depressing?” In an effort to raise awareness we are just bringing the energy and subsequently the party down. Every discussion in the book right now is negative. The animals and reefs are dying, there aren’t any more trees, there is more plastic floating in the ocean than stars in the sky – it’s all true, but it is a total buzz kill.

What the sustainability movement and the topic of climate change really need is another Tesla, both literally and figuratively.

The way to get people to listen, it is to blind them with something shiny, sleek, hip, modern and cool that goes 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds. Do they care that it’s electric and would be better for the environment? Maybe a in a small way, but prior to Tesla they weren’t running out to get the Prius, the Leaf or Focus Electric. So sorry to rat you out if you fall into this category – but Tesla duped you because it is cool and now you’ve got to have it.

Really in the end Tesla wins, the environment wins, and you win because you are now driving the “it” car and can feel marginally better about it than any other car you have ever had because it’s electric. Turns out that deep down you unearthed your inner environmentalist. See how that worked.

Here is the slight problem I am having – I am not Elon Musk (I know, earth shattering info) and I don’t have the next Tesla idea.

So if you have any ideas about how to dress sustainability up to look cool, I am all ears – post it below. For now, I am going to continue on my quest to show you sick ass sustainable swimwear (because who doesn’t like a girl’s butt in a bikini) as I travel to tropical destinations in hopes you might think that is cool. I will also continue to carry around my mason jars full of smoothies and matcha tea…well, because I like them even if they confuse every Starbucks in town (news flash Starbucks employees – the ounces are on the jar!)

 Swimsuit by eco-swim brand  Freebella Swim  #swimresponsibly

Swimsuit by eco-swim brand Freebella Swim #swimresponsibly

 Swim made from deadstock fabrics by  Vyb Swim

Swim made from deadstock fabrics by Vyb Swim

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